Currently, Kraftly charges Rs. 70 as COD Fee for all the COD orders with effect from March 15, 2018. However, Sellers can now pass on their COD charges to their buyers.

1- From your Sell Dashboard, Opt in to the setting to pass COD cost of Rs. 70 to the buyer

2- Buyers will incur an additional COD Fee of Rs. 70 on their order. 

3- Thus, you end up saving Rs. 70 on each order!

 Please note: In order to take advantage of the lower Transaction Fee, you will need to opt for this in your shop settings on the Web Panel and Mobile App. We will not be making any changes to your account automatically. If you choose not to select this option, then you will continue to pay a COD Fee of Rs. 70 and no COD charges will need to be paid by your buyers.

If you choose to charge COD to your buyers, we urge you to also lower your prices in order to make your products competitive. Our buyer analytics consistently show that lower prices lead to significantly higher orders for your products. 

You can get more information on Kraftly Select Plus or sign up for this plan by clicking below. Select Plus offers many benefits to sellers such as zero RTO fees, exclusive marketing and now LOWER TRANSACTION FEES. 

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