Kraftly Kanvas is the easiest way to get a custom e-commerce website that comes bundled with your Kraftly shop, at no extra cost. You will continue to pay your existing commission charges, and will get with it, a free website which contains all your products, your custom pages, and is linked to your own shop’s domain, if you have one.

Check out this video on how to set up Kraftly Kanvas.

The idea behind creating Kraftly Kanvas, and making your shop into a full-fledged website is that it will add to your Kraftly Shop:

Your Unique Identity: You’re not just a Kraftly seller, but the owner of a brand new Website, with wonderful products. That’s something to tell your friends!

Visibility: Your own website, your own space. No more competing with a big pool of similar products on marketplaces.

Customizability: What begins as an automatically generated website, is fully customizable with your branding. Your logo, your banners, linking to your own domain and social profiles. Customize your own website whatever way you like!

Discoverability: Your products are only pitted against each other. And you’re discoverable with your own domain, on Google and other search engines.

Sharing: Generate your own traffic by sharing your shop link on Social media and with your friends. Now there’s a beautiful website to boast of!

Dedicated Marketing: And, now you can run dedicated marketing campaigns on your products too! If the user comes to, all he sees are your products. He will not navigate away, to buy another seller’s products!

And we have thrown in some additional features as well. 

  1. Link your own store’s domain: If you have a domain called, you can point it to your new website, The URL of your Kraftly Kanvas now becomes Cool, isn’t it? :D

2. Add your own custom pages: Want to add an “About us” page? Or an “Offers” page which contains all your products on offer? Or perhaps a “Contact Us” page where your buyers can directly solve their queries? It is possible with Kraftly Kanvas!

3. Add your own banners & offers: Create your banners, with festival offers, or bestselling products, to add to Kanvas. Read our banner creation guide and get creative! 

4. Add your social profiles: Link your social profiles to your custom Website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, you name it. Small icons will link your social presence to your website, and your buyers can look at your work that exists, even outside of Kraftly.

5. Add Google Analytics ID & track performance directly: Your store performance is the ultimate goal of your e commerce existence. Adding your Google Analytics tracking ID sends your Kraftly Kanvas performance directly to your Google Analytics and helps you understand what’s working for you, what’s converting, and what’s not. Your own data, in your own GA. We’ve built it that way!

We hope your Kanvas is a roaring success. Please Contact us at for any additional queries, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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