The product title is the most crucial factor Kraftly uses while ranking your products on search and category pages. A product title can directly influence how much sales your product does!

Well-written product titles are easily searchable on the Kraftly marketplace and should have the following properties. Refer to the example of an ideal product title below:

Product Title: Super Machhi Women’s Ethnic Jewellery Oxidized Silver Earrings (Set of 2)

Points to note -

a. Product name should contain the shop name, i.e. Super Machhi

b. Material: Oxidized Silver 

c.Target audience: The example here caters to "Women’s jewellery"

d. Category: Women’s Ethnic Jewellery

e. Product type/key property: Silver Earrings

f. Color: Silver

g. Package/ quantity: Set of 2

Use the above suggestions to make your product titles easily searchable, as a result of which your products do more sales! 

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