The signature file size that we accept on Kraftly is 400*400 pixels. Here is how you can do it glitch free!

1) Take a picture of your signature, or choose the file where you have stored your digital signature.
2) Right click on the file, and select "Properties".
3) Find the size of your image under "Details".
4) If this is not smaller than 400*400 pixels (height, width), you will need to resize it.
5) To resize, open the same file with Microsoft Paint, and click on 'Resize' under the 'Home' tab. A dialog boz opens.
6) Select the tab 'Pixels' on this dialog box, and uncheck the box, 'Maintain Aspect ratio'
7) Now, enter both height & width as 400 pixels, and save your image.
8) You can now upload this image to your shop section.

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