In order to avoid returns & in-transit damages, please make sure that your product is properly packed. Before handing over the shipment to our courier partner, please check the steps below:

  • Step 1 – Inner packaging material (for fragile or delicate items, kindly use materials like bubble wrap, thermocol, air cushions, etc.)
  • Step 2– Outer packaging material (depending on the product, please use corrugated boxes, etc.)
  • Step 3 – Sealing the package (After placing the product in its packaging, it must be sealed with packing tape)
  • Step 4 – Affixing invoices and labels (Once the product is packed, please paste the invoice/label on the flattest side of the package. Details on the label/invoice should be easily visible and the barcodes should be easy to scan). 

Note- Please avoid using plain or transparent tape for packaging. It is recommended that you use a branded tape to reduce chances of stealing, pilferage or manipulation of the shipment.

If you're stuck, you can always reach out to us by chatting with us using the chat option on the bottom right corner of your Kraftly Seller Panel. We're here to help!

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