The Maharashtra government has banned single-use plastic items effective June 23rd, 2018, The ban has been imposed on, the use of plastic bags and plastic packaging used to wrap and store products as per Maharashtra Plastic and Thermocol Products(Manufacture, Usage, Sale, Transport, Handling and Storage) Notification, 2018. 

According to the notification, the ban will be applicable to everyone, including those who manufacture, transport and use plastic in their business.

Therefore, We request you to discontinue the usage of plastic bags for shipment of orders flowing inside and outside Maharashtra with immediate effect.  

Here are some easy and affordable alternatives which you can use for shipping instead of plastic:

  1. Corrugated or Cardboard boxes for outer packaging.
  2. Paper cushioning fillers and Jute fillers for inner packaging.
  3. Bubble wrap - This plastic material has exempted from the ban as part of the industrial packaging products. You can freely use it to wrap your products for a secure and safe shipping.
  4. Brown tape for sealing your package. It's advisable that you use branded tape, as it instantly improves the brand image and value. 

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