The fastest way to get more sales on Kraftly is to lower your prices. Merchants that lower their product prices and keep them that way will see a 50% boost in the number of impressions and product promotions.

Wish currently has over 2.5 million products listed for sale and this number is growing exponentially every single day. Listing premium products with a low price point is really the only way to compete and to increase your overall exposure and sales. Merchants that keep their high quality product prices low will always have the advantage on the Wish platform.

How to Lower Your Prices

Increase your exposure by 50% by lowering your product prices. You can edit your prices manually, via mobile app or seller panel or via using the bulk price/stock update functionality in the seller panel. 

For a guide on how to lower your product prices manually, click here. 

For a guide on how to lower your product prices via CSV feed file, visit here.

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