As India goes Digital, the Indian eCommerce business has become a billion dollar industry in the past year. So, there is no doubt that selling online has become the quickest way to reach a wider audience. And with marketplaces like Kraftly, selling products online has literally become a cakewalk. While the big brands might find it easier to get orders, it is very difficult for small sellers to get out there and sell products when the online market is already flooded by zillions of products, both branded and non-branded.

The best thing about selling on marketplaces like Kraftly is that the sellers don’t have to worry about the marketing or keep a separate budget for it. However, you can never win the war alone. It is always worth considering the best ways to tap in additional pool of potential customers that can buy your products and ofcourse, increase your sales. So, what are these hacks? How can you increase your sales on marketplaces like Kraftly? Here’s how

Brand Your Shop

Whether you are selling couple of products or have a mid or large sized inventory, it is always necessary for customers to know your brand name. So, make sure that you complete your shop details. Let your customer know you via your shop description, banner and logo (if any). Incomplete store details are a big No-No. It not only hampers your store identity, but restrains customers from buying products from your store.

Proper Cataloging

Make sure that you enter the stock number correctly. Nothing is more embarrassing for a seller than canceling an order due to non-availability of product. This greatly hampers your brand image. Check your inventory before you list your product to know the exact number of products available. Also, in case the product is out of stock, ensure you mark it as ‘inactive’, so that the buyers know that the product is unavailable for purchase.

Images Can Do Wonders

In the virtual world, your product image is the first impression and it should be good. You don’t have to get a professional photo shoot done. Your smartphone is enough. But you need to make sure that you click clear images from the proper angles with every detail visible. Remember, if people love what they see, they will surely go ahead and buy it. You can learn more about the product photography from here.

Increase Orders with Product Description

The secret of getting quick sales is how you present your product to the buyer. Once your product image generates interest, your potential buyer would like to know more about the product. This is where a good product description can encourage them to actually buy the product. There are many important points that one should take care while writing a description. Make sure that it is clear, error-free with every needed detail that the buyer would need.

Keyword Optimization

So, you have awesome products with beautiful product images and description. But, how your buyer is going to find them? This is where the keyword optimization comes to the rescue. Make sure that you optimize your product according to common search so that it matches with your potential customer’s search queries. Use long tail keywords with common search terms like describing your product as “red dress” rather than “ruby colored chic wear.” Nobody is going to search such uncommon terms, so ensure that you match up with your customers.

Setting the Right Price

Pricing is the most crucial part of converting your potential customers into loyal customers. You cannot price your products high as nobody is going to buy them and you can’t price them low because, well, c’mon we are all here to earn and make profits. Therefore, whenever you are pricing your product, make sure that you do a little research about your competitors. Also, add all your expenses and profit margin and then decide how much you can lower the amount.

It’s Time for Social Selling

Don’t we all love social media. But, if you think that social media is just about being social, think again. Today it’s about “Social Selling.” Social Selling is no longer optional for your business. It’s a powerful strategy that can help increase your sales and we will help you turn your contacts into your First Customers.

How? By sharing your products with your social network. And by sharing, we mean sharing product image, with its price and a direct payment link so that your customer can buy that product at once! Yes, Kraftly lets you share your products on multiple social channels with a payment link for quick sales.

Order Fulfillment

If you want to increase your sales, you must always meet the buyers’ expectation–– whether it is the quality of the product or time taken to deliver it. Keep products ready for delivery and accept them on time so that our (or your preferred) logistics partners can deliver your products in the quickest time possible. Fulfilling a return or exchange request on time is just as important too to get good customer ratings and reviews.

Subscribe To Blogs

Last but not the least, subscribe to our blogs. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any update or information which you need to multiply your Kraftly sales in the easiest way possible.

The Secret to More Sales Is Happy Customers

We are in customer centric business and they are the biggest testament for us. To become a successful seller, we need to work towards continuously satisfying their needs. And feedbacks are the best way to know how things are working out for you. That’s why we have included “Product Reviews” where the buyers can review the product and you can understand their pain points better.

So, try these and be the happy seller.

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