The success of your shop on Kraftly depends on how well you write your product listings. A well-written product name can change the scale in which you get orders. A few effective methods for a rock-solid product listing are listed below.

Choose Your Category 

Categories define the way your products are arranged and organized in the Kraftly marketplace. Choosing the correct category for your products is the first step you take towards effectively listing a product on Kraftly. Your product on category listing pages, depends on how well you define your categories.

Title it Well

The product title, and we cannot state it enough, should be the hero of your listing. A good product title is one of the most important influencers of how much sales a product does does! The ranking of products is done based on the keywords it has in the title.

Write a Product Name That Accommodates Your Keywords

Select a product name that contains all of these key attributes in your keywords. Product name, color, description, Material Used or Key Feature, Product Type, Size (wherever applicable), and Quantity of the Product (if it is sold in sets) to your product title. 

Write a detailed description

Descriptions help customers understand your product better.

All the product tags that are relevant to your product should appear in your listings. For example: If you’re listing a 21 cm silver earring, the words “silver”, “earring”, “21 cm” should appear in your product name and description. Not only this, accommodate alternative names like “jewellery”, “trinket”, “ornament” should be accounted for in your copy.

These hacks work when customers are sure of what they want to buy. Some customers use keywords like “Red Kurta for Women” to search for their products. Kraftly ranks your products by matching your names to customer searches. 

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