Can't figure out the web seller panel? It isn't as daunting as it looks! We take you through a simplistic guide on how to tame the web panel and add products easily.

  1. Click on the Add product button on the right hand top corner of your "Sell" Dashboard on website.
  2. Enter a Product Name and Description. Include all important properties of the products in both product name and description.
  3. Select the category and sub-category correctly.
  4. Write the quantities you hold of this particular item.
  5. List the item's price and the price you're offering after discount (if this is applicable)
  6. Choose the shipping weight applicable to your products, and the time you'll take to fulfill the order.
  7. Add images of your product. The images should be taken against a clear background and should stand out.

That's all! Go ahead and add 10 or more products in the same way to give due visibility to your Kraftly shop.

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